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Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation in Your House

An infestation of rodents in your house can be a serious problem, as rodents can carry diseases and cause structural damage to your home. However, since rats and mice tend to come out at night, it can sometimes be hard to determine whether you have a rodent problem in your house.
The following are a few of the simplest warning signs that you have an unwelcome rodent presence in your home. Noticing these signs early allows you to contact a pest control professional to have them eliminated before the population becomes too large or the damage too severe.
The clearest indication that you may have a rodent problem in your home is droppings. Rodent droppings are extremely small and resemble black pellets. Rodents will produce a large amount of droppings over a short period of time, so they are usually concentrated in a fairly small area.
Check out-of-the-way areas that may prove to be attractive to rodents, like in the back of cupboards or behind appliances, as droppings will rarely be present in the middle of an empty floor.
Gnaw Marks
Another early warning sign of rodent infestation is gnaw marks on wooden surfaces of your home. Check the legs of chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture for signs of damage. Wooden baseboards are also particularly susceptible. 
Beyond general gnawing, you may also notice dark streaks along surfaces of your home, especially on floorboards and baseboards. These dark streaks are caused by rats rubbing their fur and the grease that it holds against those surfaces as they move throughout your home. The areas around these streaks will usually be dotted with droppings as well.
Chewed Wires and Damaged Electrical Systems
Check the wires throughout your home for signs of damage. Rodents will gnaw through electrical wires, sometimes electrocuting themselves in the process — leaving their bodies to rot behind your walls or furniture. 
If you experience any sort of unexplained issues with your electrical systems, like an appliance that inexplicably doesn't work or lights that won't turn on, be sure to check the wiring for signs of rodent damage. If you do find damage from rodents, you'll likely need to contact an electrician as well as a pest control specialist to repair the damage.
Strong Smells
While the aforementioned electrocuted rodents can cause an extremely unpleasant smell if they are not discovered within a reasonable time frame, any sort of rodent infestation in your home will come with an unpleasant smell. If you have pets in your home, you may find them sniffing excessively around the baseboards and walls of your home for no obvious reason.
Depending on the size of your rodent problem, you may be able to smell the creatures yourself. Rodent infestations will give off a stale smell that can't be attributed to anything you intentionally keep in your home, and the smell may permeate soft fabrics and other materials that hold on to scents. 
Odd Noises
Finally, a clear indication that you need to get in touch with a pest control and removal specialist is if you notice strange noises coming from behind your walls or in your ceiling, especially if these sounds occur in the middle of the night. Rodents will scratch, gnaw, chew and run around quite a bit at night, especially when no one else in the house is moving. 
If you experience any of the above, contact us at Tamarack Pest Control. Our team of highly trained professionals will be able and happy to help you with your rodent problem or any other pest issues that you experience in your residence.


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