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Tamarack Termite Control Lets Termites Know Who’s Boss

Our termite control process begins with a thorough inspection to identify the type of termite and treatment to be performed and an investigation to determine how they are entering your home or building. These termite control inspections will also identify other types of wood-destroying organisms such as fungus, dry rot and beetles.
A subterranean termite treatment consists of treating the soil beneath and around a structure where the termites are coming from. This treatment may include drilling holes in concrete slabs and brick veneer or around plumbing entrances, as well as trenches that are made around the foundation and treated with a liquid termiticide. Our termite control treatments are designed to eliminate the current infestation as well as prevent further infestation. Most structures can be treated in one day.
Drywood termites are treated with the use of fumigation or "tenting," a process that involves covering the entire structure and sealing it with tarps. Drywood termites live, breed and feed directly in the wood of a structure, unlike subterranean termites which live in the soil. A colorless and odorless gas is introduced, penetrating the wood in order to eliminate the infestation. Our termite control fumigation is a three-day process that requires the occupant to be out of the structure for two nights as well as some recommended preparation with regard to household consumables and medications.
Tamarack Pest Control has been operating since 2001, wiping out many different termite infestations invading homes and businesses in California. We serve locations in the Central Valley such as Clovis, Fresno, Madera and Visalia but will perform treatments throughout the state to ensure your home or business is pest-free. Our employees take pride in their jobs and work hard to make sure you, our customers, are pleased with our results. Our termite control standards are not only effective, but also align with imperative environmental safety standards. We stand behind our work and guarantee our dedication not only to eliminating your termites but also to making sure they don’t come back.
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